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My tree is a bit unique because my daughter and myself have both been adopted by our step-fathers and in other generations there were adoptions or step-parents that impacted peoples lives.  The tree gets a bit complicated early on, but both of us feel that both of our families were important in making us what we are today so both our biological, adopted, and in a few cases step ancestors are included.  Each generation is listed alphabetically with the husband listed first, direct blood lines are marked in bold.  If you would like any more information on any of these individuals or if we are related in any way feel free to contact me.  I am always happy to exchange information with new cousins.
Jodie Mansuy
Note: As I get time I will add to this list, I have a few of these lines out as far as 20 generations so I just don't have time to enter them all in at once.
Generation 1:
  • Amanda Lee MANSUY (living)
Generation 2:
  • Todd Stephen ATWOOD (living) & Jodie Anne LANCKRIET (living)
  • Gregory Michael MANSUY (living) & Jodie Anne LANCKRIET (living)
Generation 3:
  • Nolan Lewis ATWOOD (14 Sep 1945-18 May 1987) & Rebecca Ann HEATH (living)
  • Bernard Andrew LANCKRIET (living) & Marcia Yvonne CALDWELL (living)
  • Francis Leo MANSUY, Jr. (12 Apr 1946-05 Apr 1999) & Jo Lynn DAME (living)
  • Justin Hans POOLE (living) & Jo Lynn DAME (living)
  • Michael Leroy SMITH (living) & Marcia Yvonne CALDWELL (living)
Generation 4:
  • Richard Frederick ATWOOD (14 Feb 1918-31 May 1987) & Ola Mae MCKECHNIE (27 Apr 1913-27 Aug 1986)
  • Melvin Thomas CALDWELL (22 Nov 1920-22 Aug 1992) & Mildred Juanita ROSS (12 Dec 1931-18 Jul 1986)
  • Donald Darwin DAME (31 Oct 1928-28 Jul 2008) & Carolyn Emily KOBERNIK (living)
  • Joseph Marlyn DAME (05 May 1927-08 Jun 2009) & Carolyn Emily KOBERNIK (living)
  • Colon Everett HEATH (22 Aug 1920-16 May 2004) & Martha Agnes NILE (01 Oct 1923-17 Jan 1989)
  • Francis Edmund LANCKRIET (18 Oct 1924-08 Sep 2002) & Freda Lorraine ASH (living)
  • Francis Leo MANSUY, Sr. (18 Nov 1911-10 Mar 1982) & Margaret D DODD (21 Jun 1914-09 May 2006)
  • Jack Davis POOLE (24 Jul 1919-11 Dec 1999) & Marta Elfrieda SCHMIDT (living)
  • Dwayne French SMITH (16 May 1926-31 Dec 1971) & Marva Elaine BEAL (living)
Generation 5:
  • Frederick Lemont ASH (24 May 1897-Mar 1968) & Irene Elizabeth LUCAS (30 Jul 1910-May 1976)
  • Ralph Leslie ATWOOD (30 Oct 1893-18 Nov 1962) & Lura L WHITE (03 Jan 1897-10 Jun 1986)
  • Omer John BEAL (01 May 1899-24 Mar 1980) & Juanita Marie SANFORD (20 Jun 1909-26 Jul 1986)
  • Thomas Henry CALDWELL (05 Jan 1883-02 Jan 1952) & Elizabeth H AVERY (10 May 1886-18 Mar 1931)
  • Joseph O DAME (17 Jun 1907-08 Oct 1962) & Myrtle A MOHN (10 Jul 1908-Unknown)
  • James Patterson Wilson DODD, Sr. (27 Feb 1887-28 Jun 1968) & Ruth WARFIELD (27 Oct 1895-19 Apr 1979)
  • Everett Ruel HEATH (11 Aug 1900-28 May 1978) & Anna Susan BRACKETT (21 Mar 1899-16 Oct 1962)
  • Arthur Wilhelm KOBERNIK (21 Jul 1897-14 Dec 1975) & Ruby Belle HARDING (10 Feb 1906-20 Aug 1976)
  • Edmund LANCKRIET (28 May 1884-30 Jul 1942) & Suzanne KLUG (Abt 28 Jan 1897-30 Jul 1996)
  • John Sylveston MANSUY, Sr. (17 Mar 1889-06 Feb 1970) & Mabel Elizabeth GRITTON (Abt. 1890-18 Aug 1968)
  • Lester Abner MCKECHNIE (22 Nov 1884-26 Nov 1961) & Blanche BROWN (Mar 1883-05 Dec 1965)
  • James Everett NILE (16 Jun 1889-03 Jun 1963) & Beulah Lillian PILLSBURY (31 Dec 1893-11 Jul 1953)
  • Harry POOLE (Abt 1896-Abt. 1930) & Maria DAVIS (Abt. 1897-Unknown)
  • Paul Lee ROSS (14 Mar 1907-24 Mar 1977) & Velma Versie STIDMAN (24 Mar 1909-07 Dec 2006)
  • Alfred SCHMIDT (Abt. 1898-Aft. Jun 1931) & Martha MAIFELD (30 Apr 1898-06 Jun 1981)
  • French Elzie SMITH (11 Aug 1892-24 Jan 1972) & Bessie Anna FRUIT (Oct 1894-Aft. 1930)

52 Ancestors - Ancestor #3: Mary REYNOLDS

For the third week of the challenge I have decided to look into my 3rd great grandmother Mary REYNOLDS.  Mary was born between 1817 and 1820 in Ireland.  There are two mysteries about Mary that I hope to solve.  First, who exactly are her parents and when/where in Ireland was she born.  Second, what happened to her after 1880?

I have found many records for Mary once she arrived in America, these include a marriage record, death records for some of her children, several Illinois state census records, and federal census records from 1850 to 1880.  I have not been able to find her immigration records or any birth record in Ireland.  What I do know about Mary so far is this...

She arrived in Maryland from Ireland sometime around 1835 and on 01 Oct 1835, in Baltimore County, Maryland, married Patrick Lewis CALDWELL, Sr (b. 23 Apr 1810 in Monaghan County, Ireland d. 12 Apr 1878 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois).    Sometime between 1836, when their first son Charles was born and 1841 when their second son James was born Patrick and Mary moved to Cass County, Illinois and remained there until at least 1880.  The children born to Patrick and Mary are:
  • Charles CALDWELL (son, b. 10 Jul 1836 in Mount Savage, Allegany County, Maryland d. 25 Oct 1878 in Cass County, Illinois)
  • James CALDWELL (son, b. 1841 in Cass County, Illinois d. After 1880)
  • John CALDWELL (son, b. 1843 in Cass County, Illinois d. After 1880)
  • Franklin Francis CALDWELL (son, b. Jan 1844 in Cass County, Illinois d. Bet. 1910-1920)
  • Thomas Henry CALDWELL (son, b. 30 Aug 1847 in Cass County, Illinois d. 28 Aug 1923 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois)
  • Elizabeth CALDWELL (daughter, b. 1850 in Cass County, Illinois d. Aft 1870)
  • Patrick Lewis CALDWELL, Jr. (son, b. 18 Jul 1853 in Cass County, Illinois d. 17 Jun 1886 in Bluff Springs, Cass County, Illinois)
  • Mary A CALDWELL (daughter, b. 30 Jul 1856 in Cass County, Illinois d. 07 May 1878 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois)

I have found Mary in the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 US Federal Census records and found Patrick (they only listed head of household) in the 1845, 1855, and 1865 Illinois State Census records (the only times it was taken), but after the 1880 Census Mary disappears.  Patrick is buried in Saint Alexius Catholic Cemetery in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois but there is no gravestone for Mary and I have not been able to find any record that indicates she remarried so I have absolutely no idea what happened to Mary after 1880.

I think I know the answer to the second mystery about Mary but can not prove any thing so far.

I believe Mary was born in 1817 in Granard, Longford, Ireland to Michael REYNOLDS (b. Oct 1784 in Granard, Longford County, Ireland d. 18?? in Granard, Longford County, Ireland) and Mary Ann MONAGHAN (b. 1777 in Granard, Longford County, Ireland d. Bef. 1860 in probably Maryland)  The sibling of Mary would be:
  • John REYNOLDS (b. Feb 1809 in Garnard, Longford County, Ireland d. 22 Nov 1863 in Bluff Springs, Cass County, Illinois)
  • Catherine REYNOLDS (b. 20 Mar 1810 in Gernard, Longford County, Ireland d. 17 Jan 1891 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois)
  • Patrick Franklin REYNOLDS (b. 25 Mar 1812 in Garnard, Longford County, Ireland d. 22 Apr 1891 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois)

All of these children except for Mary have parish baptismal record that prove their parents are Michael REYNOLDS and Mary Ann MONAGHAN, but no such record exists for Mary.  The fact that they all went to Maryland for a few years (more than likely to work on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal) and then moved to Cass County, Illinois is what makes me think this is the right family for Mary but until I can find something that ties her to this family I can not say for sure that these are Mary's parents/siblings.

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52 Ancestors - Ancestor #2: Odessa STEWART

For the second week of the challenge I have decided to look at my 2nd great-grandmother Odessa STEWART.  One of her husbands (my 2nd great-grandfather) James S ROSS was the topic of my Week #1 challenge.  I know quite a bit about Odessa but a one big mystery remains about her. The mystery in Odessa's life has to do with her first marriage to Jonathan FIELDEN and their son Lawrence Nathan FIELDEN.  I have not been able to find out when this marriage ended and why their young son went to live with relatives instead of remaining with Odessa.

The information I have comes from may sources.  I have found Odessa in almost every census and found several of her marriage records and her funeral home record.

Odessa "Dessie" STEWART was born in Feb 1878 in Illinois.  Her father is Andrew "Andy or Hank" Thomas STEWART (b. 23 Jul 1844 in Fort Ann, Washington County, New York d. 11 Jun 1926 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois).  Her mother is Alice Alvira KENNEDY (b. 30 Apr 1859 in Mason County, Illinois d. 3 Apr 1937 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois).  She is the oldest of 11 children, her siblings are:
  1. William STEWART (brother, b. Jun 1880 in Illinois d. After 1910)
  2. Ernest STEWART (brother, b. Feb 1887 in Illinois d. After 1910)
  3. Myrtle STEWART (sister, b. Aug 1889 in Illinois d. After 1910)
  4. Orpha STEWART (sister, b. Sep 1891 in Illinois d. 30 Jun 1955 in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois)
  5. Beulah Violet STEWART (sister, b 30 Oct 1893 in Illinois d. Oct 1976 in Illinois)
  6. Carl L STEWART (brother, b. Apr 1897 in Illinois d. 30 Jun 1955)
  7. Victor Jiles STEWART (brother, b. 11 May 1899 in Mason County, Illinois d. May 1984 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois)
  8. Ruby F STEWART (sister, b. 1903 in Illinois d. After 1910)
  9. Unknown STEWART(unknown, b. before 1900 d. before 1900)
  10. Unknown STEWART (unknown, b. before 1900 d. before 1900)

Odessa was married four times, and sadly buried three of her husbands, two right before Christmas.  She had eight children from these marriages.  Her husbands and children are:

   m1 Jonathan FIELDEN (b. May 1872 in Illinos d. 1914) m. 4 Jul 1896 in Cass County, Illinois
               c1 Lawrence Nathan FIELDEN (son, b. 26 May 1899 in Illinois d. unknown)
   m2 James S ROSS (b. Abt 1868 in Scotland d. Abt. 23 Dec 1915 in Illinois) m. 1903 or 1904 in Illinois
              c2 William Sanford ROSS (son, b. 7 May 1904 in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois d. 10 May 1919 in Bath, Mason County, Illinois)
              c3 Paul Lee ROSS (son, b. 14 Mar 1907 in Chanderville, Cass County, Illinois d. 24 Mar 1977 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois)
              c4 Ernest R ROSS (son, b. 7 Jan 1909 in Illinois d. Sep 1984 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois)
              c5 Arthur J ROSS (son, b. 1911 in Illinois d. Unknown)
              c6 Frank J ROSS (son, b. 29 Feb 1912 in Illinois d. 15 Feb 1994 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois)
              c7 Beula ROSS (daughter, b. 11 Oct 1915 in Illinois d. 17 Apr 2000 in Mason County, Illinois)
   m3 Lewis SCHOONOVER (b. 12 Jan 1870 in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois d. 24 Dec 1940 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois) m. 21 Dec 1918 in Havana, Mason County, Illinois
              c8 Maxine Helen SCHOONOVER (daughter, b. 13 Feb 1919 in Illinois d. 13 Oct 2001 in Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County, Arkansas)
   m4 Ezra LOGUE (b. 29 Sep 1879 in Cass County, Illinois d. 6 Jul 1955 in Mason County, Illinois) m. 4 Mar 1949 in Illinois

According to the Leeper and Lintner Funeral Home Records, Odessa STEWART died on or just before 6 Oct 1856 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois at the age of 78.

The big mystery I am trying to solve about Odessa is about her first marriage.  From the 1900 Census I know that Odessa, her husband Jonathan FIELDEN and young son Lawrence Nathan FIELDEN were living in Hickory, Cass County, Illinois.  By 1910, Odessa has been married to James S. ROSS for 6 years and is living in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois with three young sons but Lawrence is not with her and never appears with her again.  Lawrence is living with his uncle David FIELDEN (Jonathan's twin brother) in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois and Jonathan is nowhere to be found, but from his gravestone I know he didn't die until 1914.  When/why did they divorce?  Why is Lawrence not with his mother or father?  Where is Jonathan?

1900 US Census For Odessa STEWART:
1910 US Census For Odessa STEWART:
1910 US Census For Lawrence Nathan FIELDEN:
Photo of Andrew Thomas STEWART & Alice Alvira KENNEDY (date/location unknown):

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52 Ancestors - Ancestor #1: James S ROSS

For my first week I have decided to look into James S ROSS my 2nd great-grandfather.  I have known his name and a bit of information about him for years but I have never been able to find many records for him and have not found proof of his birth location in Scotland or who his parents/siblings were.

The information I do have comes from two sources.  The first is from a telephone conversation I had with my great aunt (James's grand-daughter) Waseeta ROSS in January of 1998 and the second is the 1910 US Federal Census.  I have looked everywhere I can think of for more records but so far nothing has come up.

James S ROSS was born in about 1868 in Scotland.  I have been told it was in Aberdeen, Scotland but I have yet to find any proof of this.  He immigrated to the United States in or around 1887 according to the 1910 Census and was naturalized before 1910.  I can not find his immigration or naturalization records, his name is way to common to be sure which James ROSS is mine and none of the dates line up correctly.

In or about 1903 or 1904 he married Odessa "Dessie" STEWARTt (b. 1878 in Mason County, Illinois d. On or Before 6 Oct 1856 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois ) daughter of Andrew Thomas STEWART and Alice Alvira KENNEDY, more than likely in Cass, Mason, or Peoria County, Illinois.

In 1910 James, Odessa and three of their sons (William, Paul, and Ernest) were living in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois.  It states they had been married for six years and Odessa had 3 children all living at the time.  It also says it was the first marriage for both of them but I know for at least Odessa it was the second marriage.  James is listed as a marble worker at a marble shop which fits into the family information I have that was passed down that says he was a stone cutter.

The only other thing I know about James is that he died sometime before 1918 and it was more than likely on 23 Dec 1915 but I can find no proof of this date.  I have searched every death index and cemetery record I can find but nothing comes up.

On 21 Dec 1918, Odessa remarried to Lewis SCHOONOVER in Havana, Mason County, Illinois.  Odessa, Lewis, and the five living children of James are listed in the 1920 Census living in Bath, Mason County, Illinois.  All of the children are listed under the name SCHOONOVER but the relationships all indicate they are step children.

In total James and Odessa had 6 children, they are:
  • William Sanford ROSS (son, b. 7 May 1904 in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois d. 10 May 1919 in Bath, Mason County, Illinois)
  • Paul Lee ROSS (son, b. 14 Mar 1907 in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois d. 24 Mar 1977 in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois)
  • Ernest R ROSS (son, b. 7 Jan 1909 in Illinois d. Sep 1984 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois)
  • Arthur J ROSS (son, b. 1911 in Illinois d. Unknown)
  • Frank J ROSS (son, b. 29 Feb 1912 in Illinois d. 15 Feb 1994 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois)
  • Beula ROSS (daughter, b. 11 Oct 1915 in Illinois d. 17 Apr 2000 in Mason County, Illinois)

1910 US Census for James S ROSS:
1910 US Census

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks Challenge

So for 2014 my only resolution is to join the 52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks Challenge.  I hate resolution. I never keep them, but I have a feeling this one will be a bit different since I am not trying to stop doing something that is bad for me that I enjoy or lose the baby weight that I have been carrying around for 22 years now! Looking forward to a resolution will hopefully keep me going for the year and maybe I can find some of these elusive ancestors that I have been looking for.

As I said on my welcome post I am going to post on 52 Brick Walls.  Some of these people I have been looking for since I started genealogy others are new editions that have popped up recently.  Either way I am hoping that by doing these post I will either figure out something from the information I already have or find someone that might have a new lead.


Hello, and welcome to my first and probably only blog.  My name is Jodie Mansuy aka "The Late Night Genealogist" and I have been working on my family history now for over fifteen years.  It started out years ago so I could find out a bit about my daughters ancestors and over the years has grown into a large probably never ending project.  My daughter, now grown has a little interest in this project, but it has turned into more my project than hers.  It has been a fun journey so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I have a few reasons for starting this blog...

First, I have decided to join the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge.  I am a bit late on the first week but I will quickly catch up.  I will be concentrating on 52 ancestors that have, over the years been very hard to find and are still to this day hiding somewhere out there.  Hopefully writing about them will either help me sort out some of the things I already know about them or lead to some new information.

Second,  I have decided to start working on becoming a Certified Genealogist.  This project unlike the 52 Ancestor one will definitely take more than just this year, but I have decided that I really enjoy genealogy and this is the next logical step for me.  I plan to keep you all posted on the work and steps it takes me to get there.

Finally, I have decided that a blog about my family might help my research out.  Yes, I have the standard tree on one of the many genealogy websites like most of us but I think this might help me make a few more matches and maybe connect with a few more distant cousins.

So enjoy and if you have any comments or need any further information on anything posted feel free to contact me.

- Jodie